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6.03 Toys of Tomorrow
6.02 Poweless Computing
6.01 The Third Shall Be First
5.12 Nation.1
5.11 New Standards for Standards
5.10 On Digital Growth and Form
5.09 Reintermediated
5.08 Wireless Revisited
5.07 Digital Obesity
5.06 2B1
5.05 Tangible Bits
5.04 Dear PTT
5.03 Pay Whom Per What When, Part II
5.02 Pay Whom Per What When, Part I
5.01 Surfaces and Displays
4.12 Laptop Envy
4.11 Being Local
4.10 Electronic Word of Mouth
4.09 The Future of Phone Companies
4.08 Building Better Backchannels
4.07 Object-Oriented Television
4.06 Who Will the Next Billion Users Be?
4.05 Caught Browsing Again
4.04 Affective Computing
4.03 Pluralistic, Not Imperialistic
4.02 The Future of Books
4.01 Where Do New Ideas Come From?
3.12 Wearable Computing
3.11 Being Decimal
3.10 2020: The Fiber-Coax Legacy
3.09 Get a Life?
3.08 Bit by Bit, PCs Are Becoming TVS. Or Is It the Other Way Around?
3.07 Affordable Computing
3.06 Digital Videodiscs: Either Format Is Wrong
3.05 A Bill of Writes
3.04 The Balance of Trade of Ideas
3.03 000 000 111: Double Agents
3.02 Being Digital: A book (p) review
3.01 Bits and Atoms
2.12 Digital Expression
2.11 Digital Etiquette
2.10 Sensor Deprived
2.09 Why Europe is So Unwired
2.08 Prime Time Is My Time: The Blockbuster Myth
2.07 Learning by Doing: Don't Dissect the Frog, Build It
2.06 Less Is More: Interface Agents as Digital Butlers
2.05 Bit by Bit on Wall Street: Lucky Strikes Again
2.04 The Fax of Life: Playing a Bit Part
2.03 Talking with Computers
2.02 Talking to Computers: Time for a New Perspective
2.01 Aliasing: The Blind Spot of the Computer Industry
1.06 Virtual Reality: Oxymoron or Pleonasm?
1.05 Repurposing the Material Girl
1.04 Set-Top Box As Electronic Toll Booth: Why We Need Open-Architecture TV
1.03 Debunking Bandwidth: From Shop Talk to Small Talk
1.02 The Bit Police: Will the FCC Regulate Licenses to Radiate Bits?
1.01 HDTV: What's Wrong With this Picture?

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